Musikon Concerts

We are sorry to announce that Musikon will no longer present concerts.
This comes as the result of the recent death of  Michael Parker,  a dear friend and fellow artistic director.


Musikon was the brainchild of composer Michael Parker, pianist Barbara Pritchard and composer Bob Bauer. This trio began meeting in the spring of 2011 to address the fact that Halifax's new music scene was lacking an ongoing vehicle for performances of through-composed Canadian music.

The idea for Musikon took its final form when the founders met with Saint Mary's University Art Gallery director/curator, Robin Metcalfe. At this point the organization's focus became the combined presentation of new music with new art. 

Our mandate was to feature music by Canadian composers that reflects the spirit of the art installations at Saint Mary's Gallery at the time of each concert. On each program we included at least one work by an established Canadian composer, an Atlantic based composer and an emerging Canadian composer. 


Over our five years of existence we presented music by 37 Canadian composers including 10 world premiere commissions.

We have also featured a total of 29 musicians, mainly local but also some visiting guests. 



Audience reactions 

"Fascinating combination of visual art/music/poetry. It brings another dimension to the experience. Wonderful."

"You have certainly ‘raised the bar’ for content and performers.....“awesome” is the best way to describe the event. The evening was the perfect combination of music, poetry, art work, and performers. I loved the way the piano was situated against the backdrop of the vibrant paintings, and was truly impressed with the energy from both the musical artists and the art work. I enjoyed every second of the concert."

Review from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald

....fresh, vital, interesting and superbly played...


Audience Patrons

Mary Himsl, Syliva Mangalam, John Swaine, Terry McLaughlin, Bob Haley, Paul Théberge, Mary Wilcox, John Beckwith, Judy Ferguson